3rd Grade Match Report v Petersham

Math Report – 2nd Grade vs Petersham
August 12, 2010
Round 9: Merrylands vs Brothers
August 14, 2010

3rd Grade Match Report v Petersham

Brothers 5
Petersham 39

It is always difficult at this time of the season if you are not in running for the semis and with an extensive injury toll to remain competitive.

However we have two games remaining and our objective should be to put in maximum effort.We are only playing for pride but that is enough.

As the score indicates we were never really in the game. We were our own worst enemies.I not sure what the penalty count was but I would think it would have been a ratio of 3 to 1 against.
Iam positive that if we had reduced the penalties the score would have been a lot closer.
There is no point in blaming the Ref. and certainly no benefit in disputing decisions.

These and other incidents during the game just demonstrated the lack of discipline shown by some players which to say the least had a negative impact on our performance.

The good news is though disipline comes from concentration and by doing this we will be a more competitive team.

In all fairness to the players though it is difficult to function as a team to with the personel changing dramatically from week to week.

Thanks to our mates from Terrey Hills and ths Ferrets for helping out and as these guys are available for our last two games the team should be a little more settled.

A positive from Saturdays game is we did not have to borrow to many players only Elvis had to play a full two games and Keith came on for an injured Jono Rohanna.thanks to those guys.Also thanks to our 3rd graders who helped out the 2s.

3 Matt Gibbs
2 Andy Carroll
1 Liam Casey. Well done Liam your best game this year.

Only 2 games to go lets really put in it would be fantastic if we could grab a win before we finish.

Greg Carew
Ian Meers

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