Message from John Waugh
August 23, 2010
August 24, 2010


Greetings Gentlemen,

Welcome to a very special match report… the one that finds your Feisty-Friends Minor Premiers for 2010! Woo hoo!

That’s right, after a hard-fought effort against a broad cross-section of Merrylands finest (oh yes… they threw everything at us!), the boys in Blue-and-Gold brought home the bacon with a 11 – 7 win.

And didn’t it feel good… great… triumphant even…

As the Good Doctor declared “Dat means we’re’da 58th best fookin’ team in dahola’Sydney! Fok-yeah! Takedat ya fokkers! Champion effort!”

Thanks to, from the back, for the final time: Tommy B, Sean, Mick, Matty-Mac, Pat, Enda, The Riddler, Slutty, Little Sull, Iain Tuipupu Davison, Kieren ‘Orrightyafokker I’m In’ O’Hegarty, Hansy Boy, Buzz, Andy, Coops, Ady, Pickle and Welshy. Well played.

Now, down to business.

Don’s Party…

…was a huge success. Jaquesy’s Bar & Grill proved itself to be simply the finest establishment on the North Shore last! Saturday evening.

Thanks to Cindy and ‘The Don’ for hosting a wonderful night.

And the bar itself… fantastic… And christened admirably with a selection of front-rowers dispersing liquids well into the wee hours. What hangover?

The Finals Squad and Run-On Team…

… will be announced at training on Thursday night.

What can we say… be there… 7pm sharp… no excuses.

You know where.

Semi Final #1 Details…

…kick-off is EARLY… 11.20 to be precise.

Venue is DEERUBBIN PARK, Cornwallis Rd, Windsor… or as we know it, the paddock over the back from Hawkesbury Valley’s home ground.

Be there at 10.15 please… and bring your drivers licence ! / I.D.

There’s a palaver to go through, so! don’t be late!

And most importantly… come to win! Start thinking about it now gentlemen.

Wrap Up

Love to see any Feisty Fans there Saturday to cheer-on the old fella’s.

We respond quite well to encouragement.

Just remember to yell louder than Dr Fokker.

Lots of love,

Roy, David and David

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Brothers 4th Grade Minor Premiers 2010 (+ a selection of fruit-of-their-loins).

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