Round 5 – 4th Grade

Mark in your Diaries – Thursday 20th May
May 12, 2010
Round 6 – Saturday 15/05/2010: Hills @ Home
May 12, 2010

Round 5 – 4th Grade

Brothers 31
Epping 17

Greetings Gentlemen,

And welcome to another Feisty 4ths Match Report.

We’re pleased to bring you the news that your Feisty Friends are back in form (-ish) with a 31-17 Win against Epping on the weekend… woo hoo! Not quite a ‘shamakin’ but close enough to make you giggle.

Could have been more but once we snatched that ever-elusive bonus point, and cemented our spot at #2 on the ladder, it was time for fifteen of CBOB’s finest to slip back into 1st gear and begin a spot of on-the-run refereeing much to the joy of the constable in charge.

To be fair it was a reasonably spiteful affair… so much so that once game details hit the gossip columns our much-loved roving ball-player ‘Iain Tuipupu Davison’ lamented his decision to forego the game in favour of his annual ‘Bula Hula’ Convention grumbling “It’s not fair… it’s fun when it’s spiteful”.

Thanks to… from the back… Pat, Brendan, Keith, Dom, Drew, Greg, Slutty, Buzz, Hans, Coops, Kieren ‘…orightyafokkor…oim in’ O’Hegarty, Steeley (still pissed) and Jaquesy.

On to matters of the utmost importance…


A new initiative from our major sponsor Krenmayr Bierhaus International recognises and welcomes new Feisty players and fans into the fold.

At a low-key-post-game-ceremony all recipients shall receive, in person, a signature-label bottle of the brewer’s famous Ginger Zinger… gift wrapped and ready to share…

Firstly, a big welcome to Drew Gabb. After weeks of intense testing and skill-based assessment (sideline cajoling by Slutty during Hunter’s Under 8’s games) he hit the paddock with remarkable impact on the weekend.

Remember as a kid when your coach told you to run straight… to never to run sideways across the field otherwise some bloke bigger than you will line you up and snap you in two? Well the Epping #8 was given a hands-on refresher course last Saturday thanks to Drew… Wilkommen!

And secondly… and no less importantly… the Feisty Fan base increased by one very special addition last week.

Youngsters Amy Tredinnik and Ian Welsh welcomed Lola Iris Welsh into the world last Friday.

Everyone’s doing well and we can’t wait to see them all on the sideline in the coming weeks.

Insiders report that Lola’s eating like Welshy and sleeping like Amy so all’s good… Wilkommen!

To Feist Or Not To Feist…

… that is the question many ancient CBOB’s face as they teeter on the sideline.

Well we’re pleased to announce that the Feisty 4th’s trainer of the year for 2009 has come back to the fold.

Gene Donahue trained solidly last year but never played… which does beg the question as to whether he may have slightly misread the guidelines…

After declaring his loyalty to Epping earlier in the year he found himself strangely pulled into the Feisty fan-base last Saturday. Welcome back Geno… and hope to see you on the paddock sooner or later.

The Week Ahead

Next week we’re back in the land of hedges and pedigree cross-breeds hosting Hills at home at Killara.

Pleased to report that Dec’s been taken off suicide-watch and plans to join us again to ‘get back on that horse’ this Saturday.

Even more pleased to announce that after a few weeks with a tweaked heartlidge our goal-kicker Tommy B should be back this week as well.

Lots of love,

Roy, David and David

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