Bro News July 21st

July 12, 2010
Match Report 3rd Grade v Hills
July 26, 2010

Bro News July 21st

Presidents Post

Scott James

As we enter the final stretch of the 2010 season it may be time to reflect on a few things that have gone right this season, and a few things that could do with a little improving.

Whilst some days it doesn’t seem like it, we’ve had over 130 players registered with the Club this year. That’s a vast improvement over the previous few years. Unfortunately we’ve also exceeded our injury quota for the year, so we’ve still struggled with numbers from week to week. We still need players to finish off the season, especially front rowers, so if you know of any, bring them down for a run.

We still have what can only be considered a woeful attendance at training. If we expect to compete on the field, then we need to train regularly as teams. I would suggest that part of our failure to win across the grades comes down to how much we put in prior to match day. There’s only a few rounds left in the season, and training has been cut back to one night a week, so lets make the effort to get to training and improve out on-field performance.

I would also like to bring up the subject of subs. Some players are yet to pay anything so far this season. The most important thing we do with that money is to pay our player insurance, so that if you get injured, the ARU can provide insurance cover for medical fee’s and potential loss of income. We have had a few instances of players using this insurance this year, which we support, however, we can’t cover members who are not financial. The subs are also used to provide strapping tape, and playing and training kit. Given that we are a generous bunch, we will accept a payments over time. The Club Captain and coaches have a list of players who haven’t paid, and will be continuing to name and shame those that haven’t coughed up.

One last thing before I talk about the work going on for 2011. I seem to see the same faces on a Saturday running water, running the line, helping out on the BBQ, or setting up for home games. We are a club, and as such, all need to be involved. Can you make the effort to get to home games well before your run-on time to carry out a few duties, and support your club mates while they’re playing.

As 2011 comes to a close, it’s time for us to start thinking about what we can do to make 2011 more successful. While the Rugby side of things has been an uphill battle, we’ve had success on the social front, with a couple of really good bus trips, and a very good Social Olympics. Our aim for next year is still to provide a great social colander, but to also improve our on-field performance, because, lets face it, we’re in this to play and enjoy our Rugby. We can’t say too much at this point, however, we will be keeping in contact with players over the off-season, and enticing as many of you back to the club as we can.

Last but certainly not least, I’d like to congratulate our hard running wild man from the back of the 1st Grade pack, Jacob Anderson for being selected to travel to New Zealand as part of the Marist NZ Under 23 Tour.  On behalf of the Club I’d like to wish Jacob well, and I’m sure he’ll have a fantastic time.

Captains Log, Round 13,

Matt McIntyre

With the season coming into its last stages for the year we have a few players returning from injuries as well as a few dropping our because of injuries. 2010 has seen more injuries that i care to remember with a number of players already gone under the knife and yes, a few more booked in!!

We have had all types of injuries but we have had a few players step up and shoulder the strain. There are a few players that have played 2 and sometimes 3 games a week for the past few rounds and the club really does thank you. Yes, we have had uncontested scrums a few weeks but these players have played with heart and never given up. I thank you. Also there are a few players that are always trying to get new players to help this out.

On the footy front, all grades have never given up. 4th grade remain at the top of the table and looking strong for a semi final spot. 2nd and 3rd grade continue to fight e! ach week and have had some unlucky decisions go against them and had some close losses and 1st grade have been very unlucky. They have had 6 games where they have lost by 7 or less and injuries have not helped them either

With 5 games to go for 2010 we are looking to finish strong in all grades to cap off the year. So fire up to finish the season strong and lets get a few wins on the board for 2010.

Blue And Gold Ball.

  • Hotstepper
  • Ash And Justin
  • Two Lovers
  • Gentlemen

The Blue and Gold end of season ball has been locked in for Saturday 18th September. The venue is the North Sydney Harbourview Hotel. We have a fantastic night of eating, drinking and dancing lined up and it should be an even bigger and better night than last year.

Tickets are $110 each, but for that you are getting the once in a lifetime opportunity to hear Scotty give a speech. Also included but less of a crowd puller is free drinks, an awesome three course meal and dancing until late. Just think what you would get normally on a Saturday night for $110 dollars.

The end of season ball is the pinnacle of the Brothers social calendar and is the best night out you will have all year and that’s a money back guarantee.*

As usual dress is formal. Guys, this means a suit…. turquoise tuxedos preferred obviously. Ladies, I think you probably don’t need any fashion tips.

Pay for your tickets on the social membership page.

*Money back guarantee does not include complaints about not winning player of the year, or getting slapped by Keith Kitchen. Neither does it include complaints about Scotty’s speech. In fact the money back guarantee pretty much means that you can complain all you like but you’re just not getting your money back. Always read the fine print.

Ladies Day

Ladies! All the Ladies! Time to reward the Lady in your life!

This year Brothers Rugby invites your Ladies to be spoilt rotten at the annual Ladies Day.

Festivities start at our home ground in Killara on August 7th from 11am.

There will be treats aplenty and free wine and food.
Ladies will be able to trial and purchase Body Shop products by placing an order on the day with the Body Shop Consultant. Cash payments or Credit Card details are required so make sure you bring your wallet in order to treat you far better half to some foot scrub, or a nice coordinated pair of pink toe separators. The orders will then be delivered through you at training.

There will also be a raffle to win some lovely Body Shop goodies – funds raised going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Ladies will also have the opportunity to have a pitch side Mini Pedicure or Mini Manicure for $25 To reserve a 25 min spot please email Emily at

End Of Season Tour

  • Jagerbombs

2010 Road trip to Port Macquarie

Friday 24th September to Monday 27th September

Location – Sundowner Break Wall Tourist Park.

Times – Some half day Friday 24th September with 4(ish) hour drive. Leave 1pm, arrive 5pm (ish).
– Some fully day, drive up after work 24th September, arrive late.
– Some flying and will arrive in afternoon. (As Matty McIntyre for details).

It is your responsibility to gather a group of trusted tourists to share a cabin with. 2-6 persons per cabin. At this stage the cheapest room is $120 a night (working on MID SEASON RATES). This amount is then shared between the occupants of the cabin.
We will be car pooling, and there may even be a bus depending on numbers.

List of pubs and clubs…(sample night out)

Down Under Night Club – Jagerbombs
Port Macquarie Hotel – Tequila
Tacking Point Tavern – Nice leisurely beer
Fernhill Tavern – Eyeball in your Cosmo
John’s River Tavern – Pint of Carlton with a Tequila shot in it.
Royal Hotel – Drambuie (What’s wrong with you Scottie?)
Beechwood Hotel – Pool cues getting smashed
Down Under Night Club – Jagerbombs

Please get back to Paul Gibbs ASAP as the first rooms are bring booked, first in best dressed…
Any questions, please text Paul Gibbs on 0412482916 or call or text Matt McIntyre on 0423883133.

Hero Of The Day

Every home game we give out an award to the “Hero Of the Day”. The “Hero Of The Day” is the person who goes beyond the call of duty on a match day and makes the biggest sacrifices to make the day a success for Brothers Rugby on or off the field.
Each “Hero Of The Day” receives a $50 dollar voucher for Casa Bella Pizza and Pasta, Chatswood.
Here are the winners so far.
Round 2 – Lee Tasker
Round 4 – Tori Gompertz
Round 6 – Tom Burns
Round 8 – Tania Betts
Round 10 – Gerry Shannon
Round 12 – Ash (Partly due to having to tend to a certain first grade second row who had just recieved a full on kick in the crown jewels.)

Social Update

There is still some Brothers Apparel available, wet weather training gear, boardies, hoodies. Check the apparel page to see what is available and contact Matty McIntyre for ordering information.

Also, keep an eye on the Galleries page for photos of big sweaty men in action.

MVP day is coming up in Rebel Sports Chatswood, if you’ve paid your subs, you will have recieved an MVP card for Rebel Sports.

Bring that up on the 5th August in order to receive 20% of all goods in store..

See flyer for details…

Player Profile

  • Some random dude with a beard

This edition’s Player Profile is John “Johnny” “Joey” “Jo-Jo” “Junior” “Shabadoo” Nichols.

Full Name: John Nichols

Specs (Height, Weight): 184 cm (that’s about 6’3″ in old money), 100 Kg

DOB: 30/12/1982

Position: Prop

Most respected opponent: Any Islander

Most famous player played against: Matt Dunning

Best game you ever played: Aussie A Schoolboys vs. NZ A Schoolboys

Any strange pregame rituals: 14 Schooners Friday Arvo

Quick Fire Questions

Holden Or Ford: Ford
Blonde Or Brunette: Brunette
Cheese Or Chocolate: Cheese
Boardies Or Speedos: Boardies
Star Trek or Star Wars: Neither
Would you eat a horse: For Starters
Last book you read: Where’s Wally

If you could have one super power for a day what would it be? Invisibility

Name three famous people dead or alive you would invite to dinner.
Lance Armstrong
Halle Berry
Brock (My Dog)


Has anyone else noticed the uncanny similarities between our fearless third grade second rower Andy Carroll and gangly, leggy, useless English footballer Peter Crouch?

  • Andrew Carroll at home, tomorrow.
  • Peter Crouch on a bus in Leeds.


OK, last edition’s Bro News asked you what Brownie’s next excuse would be for not playing.

Nobody got the answer right…. It was a neck injury…. so…. no jokes there.

This weeks competition has a different theme.

How many times will first Tom Burns throw his hat on the ground during the first grade game against Hills this weekend? No hat, no competition.

Answers to the usual address

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