Bro News May 24th

Round 5 – 3rd Grade
May 13, 2010
Round 7 – Saturday 22/05/2010: Petersham Away
May 21, 2010

Bro News May 24th

Welcome to the latest edition of Bro News, the newsletter that fills you in on what’s happening on and off the field.

Some good news to start.

Brothers Rugby received a lovely phone call during the week from the mother of a player from Gordon Colts who got injured last Saturday.

She was incredibly grateful to the 2 Brothers Physios that ran on to the pitch and took care of her son when no other club (including their own) did anything.

She was so grateful that she wished to thank the two girls (Ash and Sophie) personally. Her son spent 2 days in Hospital with a fractured eye socket and smashed cheekbone.

Brothers Rugby was delighted to receive this feedback and hear some real thanks and praise for the under appreciated work that these girls do.

All at Brothers Rugby really want to thank the girls for their hard work.

President’s Post

Scott James

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Bro News, and a lot has been happening. By far the biggest event is that we’ve moved our playing and training grounds from Roseville to Bert Oldfield Oval, Killara Park and Koola Parks respectively. For those that have yet to put in an appearance as either a player, or a supporter, I recommend making the trek to Killara next time we have a home game, check out our new facilities, and avail yourself of a sausage sandwich or two. For those of you that are playing members of the Club that haven’t visited our training ground at Koola Park, perhaps it’s time you dragged yourself off the couch and came down and joined in one of our invigorating training sessions.

On the playing front, the Feisty Fourths have continued their domination, First Grade have racked up their first win, and Seconds and Thirds have shown great improvement in their results, and can’t be far away from putting some wins on the board. We’ve also held the ever successful Social Olympics which brought out some of the more competitive aspects of some members of the Club. There are more social events planned for this year, so be sure to check out the dates on the website.

After a rough start to the season with a lot of injuries, player numbers have started to improve. We’re still short of front rowers and unfortunately have actually managed to break both of our regular First Grade props for the season (including yours truly), so if anybody happens to have a spare prop or hooker (the Rugby playing type) lying around, please send them our way. We promise to try and not break any you send our way.

On that note, the Club wishes Jon Evans a speedy recovery from his recent surgery after sustaining an injury at training.

Subs are still due. To plagiarize a line from the Feisty after match report, $225 will get you a striking pair of shorts to run, jump an play in. Since we’re a generous bunch, included in the package is your very own socks, polo shirt and training tee, emblazoned with our sponsors on the back, all in a very striking blue and gold. Seriously though, the Club has bills to pay so we’ll be chasing those that haven’t yet paid.

Club Captains log, Brogate 4

Matt McIntyre

We find ourselves almost midway through the season and improving week by week. 4th grade have been performing well, 3rd grade are getting closer, 2nd grade are ever so close to that elusive first win and 1st grade finally got that win last week.

The club has settled well into our new home ground and I think the performances are not far off. The numbers at training have been good and with a lot of the injured players coming back, there is some serious competition for positions starting to happen.

We had Petersham postponed on Saturday and the committee will be working hard to reschedule these games as soon as possible. We may even do a few night games!!

We now need to chase the players that have not paid their subs. The club has a few bills arriving and if you have not paid, you may receive a tap on the shoulder in the next few weeks.

One of the facets that we as a club need to work on is our attendance at speeches. At both home and away games we only have a very small number of players that hang around after 1st grade is finished for the speeches. All clubs are ranked at the end of the season by the other clubs and last year we did not rank highly on the social side during the speeches. Lets see if we can improve on this in the 2nd half of the season.

Good luck to all grade for this weekend.

Matty Mc

Social News

This year’s social calendar has been updated and features many old favourites and plenty of excuses to get to the pub and have a good old time.

Here is the full social calendar for the entire season.

The next big social event that is Sponsors/Veterans day on the 19th June 2010.

Then what we have all been waiting for… Ladies Day… this will take place on the 7th August.

Heros of the day

Every home game we are giving out an award to the “Hero Of the Day”. The “Hero Of The Day” is the person who goes beyond the call of duty on a match day and makes the biggest sacrifices to make the day a success for Brothers Rugby on or off the field.

Each “Hero Of The Day” receives a $50 dollar voucher for Casa Bella Pizza and Pasta, Chatswood.

Here are the winners so far.

Round 2 – Lee Tasker
Round 4 – Tori Gompertz
Round 6 – Tom Burns

Hatches, Matches and Dispatches

Congratulations are due to Beau and Veronika on their recent engagement.

Also, congratulations are due to Ian Welsh (Welshy) & Amy Tredinnick on the birth of their baby girl Lola.

May 7th – Inaugural Blue & Gold Rugby Lunch with Rod Kafer

  • Pius Brothers Lunch
  • Pius Brothers Lunch

Approximately 80 people were on hand to enjoy the Inaugural SPX Rugby Club & Brothers Rugby Club, Blue & Gold Rugby Lunch with Rod Kafer as our special guest speaker. The venue, Roseville Golf Club, really turned on a treat with beautiful food and a wonderful atmosphere. Rod kept the audience thoroughly entertained recounting the tough road he had to become a Wallaby and other stories. There were prizes a plenty, auctions and more. Some much needed cash was raised for both our clubs. All those that attended left with a smile on their face and eagerly anticipating the 2nd Annual Blue & Gold Rugby Lunch! Make sure you don’t miss it. Thanks to all our prize donors, and for all those that turned up to make it such a great day.

  • Pius Brothers Lunch
  • Pius Brothers Lunch

Player Profile.

This issue’s player profile is our Giant Geordie Michael Hughes.

  • Mick Once
  • Mick Twice

Full Name: Michael ‘Hughsie’ Hughes

Specs (Height, Weight): 6’2″ , 125 Kg

DOB: 25/10/1979

Position: No. 8

Most respected opponent: The missus

Most famous player played against: Tom Burns

Best game you ever played: Away to Epping (Round 5 2010)

Any strange pregame rituals: 1 verse of “God Save The Queen”

Quick Fire Questions

Holden Or Ford: Ford
Blonde Or Brunette: Brunette
Cheese Or Chocolate: Cheese
Boardies Or Speedos: Boardies
Star Trek or Star Wars: Star Trek
Would you eat a horse: Already have
Last book you read: The Spear (Herbert)

If you could have one super power for a day what would it be? (Immortality, x-ray vision, super strength, flying)

Immortality, that’s a stupid option, how can you be immortal for a day? Super Strength.

Name three famous people dead or alive you would invite to dinner.

Jesus – To send me on the right path.
Aristotle – To put my life into perspective.
Megan Fox – To corrupt the 3 of us.


This edition of Bro News has a competition. The winner will receive a $20 voucher for Rebel Sports Chatswood.

The question is:

We’ve had

1. Dance Lessons.
2. Wedding Photography.
3. The Bride-To-Be Told Me Not To.
4. More Wedding Photography.
5. Getting Married.
6. Fishing Trip.
7. Stag Night.

But what will be Brownie’s next excuse for not playing?

Answers please to


Has anyone ever seen Andrew Neate and Jason Bieber in the same room at the same time?

  • Andrew Neate Yesterday
  • Justin Bieber Tomorrow

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