Pius/Brothers Rugby Lunch
April 22, 2010
Welcome To Brothers
April 26, 2010

Captains Log, Brogate 1

Congratulations to Lee Tasker and Jacob Anderson for their 1st grade debut last weekend. Both managed to get the coaches points. Well done boys.

This week we are away to Balmain. As you will notice a few of the boys have been wearing their new kit about. pay your subs and you will get yours.

Lets all get down to Balmain to support the other grades, remember we have the speeches after 1st grade as well. Last week only about 20 players hung around.

Lastly Social Olympics. In the inaugural Olympics last year we saw some great dance moves, some terrible singing and a lot of laughs. This year plans on being bigger and better than last year. We have come up with more games that will assist in the Olympic sprit.

Peace out

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