Chuck In for Charlie

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July 21, 2016
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July 27, 2016

Chuck In for Charlie

The club is holding a fund raising for Charlie O’Connor and we’d like everyone to chuck in. Every little bit helps.charlie xray

Charlie broke his arm during the Redfield game the other week and is unable to work.

With medical expenses running into the thousands and supporting his aged parents any assistance we can provide will be appreciated.

It’s a little known fact that Charlie comes from a long line of Irish Fijians and is Marty Nichols adopted son. With his heritage and family ties he can’t help but be generous, kind and loving. Let’s do the same for him.



Charlie has been pivotal in Brothers success over the past few years, helping us to charlie eating with one handfight our way back into 1st division and has a fine collection of yellow cards to show for his efforts. When not eating buckets of KFC Charlie loves nothing more than running over the top of opposition players, his gentle loving nature ensures this is always done with a smile. He’s so successful at this opposition players have started collecting Charlie boot print marks as  badges of honour. Beecroft’s #10 almost got the full set a few weeks ago.

Having a broken arm does slow down Charlie’s ability to eat buckets of KFC and he runs a real risk of wasting away to nothing. Just look how sad he is here eating this minuscule container of food one handed. This has to stop.

Please dig deep and help us Chuck In For Charlie.

The club will be running a fund raising raffle at the last home game v Redfield on the 30th July. First prize will be a $150 food & drink voucher at the Willoughby Hotel.

Tickets can be purchased at the ground or online.

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Donations are also gratefully accepted and can be made at the ground or online also.

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