Feisty Fourths
August 30, 2010
Feisty Fours GRAND FINAL
September 7, 2010


Greetings Gentlemen and ever-loyal Feisty Fans,

We’re days away from a Grand Final against old-foes Petersham.

And the brains trust, in their infinite wisdom, thought it wise to announce the squad a few days out from our Final-Feisty-Training-Session this Thursday… so here goes…

1. Ian Welsh
2. David Taylor
3. Roy Anderson
4. Andrew Cansdell
5. Iain ‘Tuipupu’ Davison
6. Hans Krenmayr
7. Kieren ‘Orrightyafokker I’m In’ O’Hegarty
8. Gavin Opie
9. Luke Sullivan
10. Michael Bird
11. Matthew McIntyre
12. Dan Ridley
13. Enda Winston
14. Sean Brannan
15. Tom Burns

16. Michael Wren
17. Adrian Brannan
18. David Cooper
19. John Buzzina
20. Dave Wightly
21. David Bullard
22. Pat North
23. Steve Jaques*

Everyone’s attendance at training is compulsory (same time, same place, no excuses… *super-coach is watching us all like a hawk and changes may be made early in the game!)…. together we have some sparkling silverware to bring home Saturday!

Speaking of which… time to don-the-frilly for the very last time…

The Big Game

Feisty Fans: Kick-off is a staggeringly early 10.30 at Norford Park, Boundary Rd, Sefton.

Don the Blue & Gold and come prepared to give Dr Fokker a run for-his-money in the yellin’ stakes.

Feisties: We need to be there at 9.20, with I.D, and most importantly, ready to win.

As Dr Fokker has so wisely been translated as saying: “The only reason, and I repeat only reason, we won’t win on Saturday is if we take the field expecting to win.

If we have the hunger to play the best game of our lives then victory is ours. Bring it on!”

Original: “Oi’m fokkin’gonna’smash ‘dose Peeshamfokkers witallme’mite cos’ dats wha’we’all gottadoifwewanna win!…ya fokkers’ Well said!

Don’t Pass The Ball

Last few ball tickets are on sale now.

Get on the website, get your tickets, we’re all going (some solo… so if the W.A.R Bride isn’t keen, be strong, and come along anyway)!

A Call Too Arms

If you’ve followed the Feisty Quest for the past two years we’d really love to see you there on Saturday.

For some it’s our last outing in the Blue & Gold, and we can guarantee you that we’ll be giving it our all.

P.S. The Voltaren Kids respond incredibly well to ambient encouragement.

Post Match Refreshments…

… will start with a late lunch at The Orchard.

The more the merrier, and if all goes to plan it’ll be a long-ish evening.

Bring the family, bring your friends, see you there.

And lastly, a huge thanks to you all for the support over the last two seasons.

Lots of love,
Roy, David and David

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