Finals Week 2 – Match Reports

Finals Week 2 – Preview
August 31, 2012
Finals Week 2 – Review
September 6, 2012

Finals Week 2 – Match Reports

Second Grade
Brothers 56 – 0 Waverley

This should have been a lot closer.
Waverley were fresh a close win over HAC in the qualifying final and should have challenged Brothers.
And to be honest Waverley had some nice long spells of possession and threatened the try line on a number of occasions.
In fact, they probably had the lion’s share of the possession.
However the fact that we scored 8 unanswered tries and conceded not a single point in a finals game shows the ruthless attacking quality of this side on a good day.
In fact, a lot of our opportunites came from astounding red zone defence.
The pick of the day was a length of the field try from Dom North that came after a sustained period of intense Waverley pressure.
Another excellent try came in the first half which came from a period of good pressure, when Mick Danieluck crashed over from five yards after an appaling attempt at a high tackle.
A good job all round and a ticket straight to the grand final where we face either Waves or HAC who meet on Saturday.
Expect a completely different and much closer game.

Jack times three
and maybe Opie… it’s hard to read the sheet. So he can claim it if he wants.

Player points:
Karl: Big step up from the lower grades, but never took a step backwards. Dominated in the scrum.
Jack: They didn’t want to tackle him, and to be honest even if they had tried, they might not have stopped him. Imperious.
Mick: Physical hard running, combined with Kit in the centres wore away at the Waves defence.

First Grade
Brothers 33 – 3 Blue Mountains

This was a cagey game which saw a lot of tactical kicking from both sides.
Both teams spent the majority of the first half trying to obtain the upper hand in terms of field position.
Eventually the superior kicking game of Blacky and Shaka pinned Mountains into their own half, and the points started to slowly climb up.
Si Kearny was bursting holes in the midfield and Buckets was dominating at the breakdown.
Clarky slotted back into the side seamlessly and coordinated a front row missing Johnny Nichols for the first time this year.
In fact this another area where Brothers slowly gained the upper hand.
The set pieces were well executed against a well drilled and well coached (as always) Mountains side.
That combined with the pace and penetration out wide, some hard running in midfield and the excellent tactical kicking gave us the upper hand over 80 minutes.
The scoreline loks emphatic, but a win is a win, and a weekend off gives us time to regroup dust off the few bumps and bruises and prepare for battle against either Mountains or HAC who look dangerous out wide against Epping in the elimination semi.

Blacky grabbed two.

Player points:
Buckets: Dominated at the breakdown, tremendous defence, his best game this season. And the best performance in a Brothers shirt this season. A repeat needed next weekend in the grand final.
Si: Broke the line every time, made two tries, scored another. Awesome stuff.
Wadey: A single charity point for the little fella. God loves a trier.

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