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March 10, 2015
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March 11, 2015

Get Teamstuffed

Last year the club started using Teamstuff and revolutionised our team management and communications. Did we say best thing since sliced bread?

The best bit? Players being able to set their availability and being able to punch out reminders and critical messaging in a flash.

This year we will be rolling out across all teams. If you’re not on Teamstuff yet you’ll receive an email in the next week or so inviting you to sign up.

Get ready. Get the app now!

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Teamstuff gives the club many advantages. Here’s just a few of them;

Clear Communications

Always connected = always informed.

No more emails, or chasing players with calls or texts! With the team connected through Teamstuff web and mobile, communicating with you team is instant and painless.

With game details in your schedules, and availability a snap to set, every team member has the information they need to make the game happen.

Quick Messaging

If we need to cancel training or a game at the last minute it’s no problem. In-app messages will reach the entire team* in a heartbeat to make sure you get the message in time. And we only have to do it once!

* If you have Teamstuff’s mobile app – if you don’t have it – you’re stuffed 😉

Simple Email

We don’t love email either, but sometimes it’s the only way. Teamstuff gives us one super smart, easy to remember email address for the whole team that syncs with our team list so it’s always up to date. If you’re not on Teamstuff chance is your missing out on some important information.

No more email list nightmares!

Email Reminders

It’s true; some of us still use email ( hello Blackberry users! ) and we want everyone to be happy.

We can send email reminders for each game with the when, where and who. And in a piece of tech wizardry, we can also receive game attendance via email ; reply ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the email & your status in updated in-app so your Coach can see your status.

(Oh, and if email’s not for you – you can turn this off with the flick of just one button.)

Games & Schedules

Games details including maps

Every game that your Coach or Manager adds an address for will have a map, so finding the game is easy.

Everything you need to get to the game, in one handy place.

If you’ve got Teamstuff’s mobile app, you’ll be able to see maps on-the-go, making finding the game even easier.

And save yourself some extra hassle too by using maps to get directions. Now getting to the game is a cruise.

You’ll never be late for a game again.

Easy access to your schedule.

You can view your game schedule by season (under the team menu), or by date – Calendar, Weekend or Next 7 Days.

Easy access from both web & mobile to the stuff that really counts.


We can see who’s coming at a glance

Once the game’s entered, you can set and change your availability in seconds (from both web & mobile), so your coach gets the latest info on who’s coming or not, and can remind the slackers who haven’t replied yet.

Master Attendance Controls.

When Johnny goes on holiday to Bali for 3 weeks or to the Hunter for the weekend and forgets in all the excitement to change his attendance, we can just do it ourselves.

Emergency Information

Medical info when we need it most.

Here’s a feature we really hope we never need! But it’s the real world, and sometimes players get hurt.

With Teamstuff’s mobile app we have instant access on the field to players’ important medical or emergency info, so we can help them there and then – no messing around.

Don’t forget to set it up.

Alerts and Reminders

For your attention.

The Alerts page on Teamstuff shows you the important stuff that you need to attend to (availability issues, imminent games). Get that stuff out of the way and the wheel will run smoothly so everyone can focus on the game. Oh, and if you’re the kind of person who really wants (or needs) to be reminded about game stuff by email, there’s email alerts and reminders for you too.


Will there be enough players for the game? That’s the crunch for the coach. Teamstuff provides reminders for players who’ve forgotten to set their availability for upcoming games.

But if you’re organised, you should never have to see one!


Game’s starting in 2 hours! Teamstuff will show you any game that’s starting in the next 2 hours and count down, so you can see at a glance how long you’ve got to get your skates (or boots) on.

As you can see it’s a no brainer. Too many advantages not to do it.

Get ready. Get the app now!

appstore         playstore

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