Grand Final – Match Report

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September 14, 2010
Grand Final Match Report
September 29, 2010

Grand Final – Match Report

Greetings Gentlemen,

Welcome to the Final Feisty Match Report for 2010… a wrap-up of sorts for the season-that-was.

And didn’t 2010 turn out the way we’d all dreamed…a 17-11 Grand Final Win, a little silver cup in the trophy cabinet and a tribe of old fellas (still) grinning ear-to-ear… Woo hoo!

Le Grande Finale

After much pontification, reflection and soul-searching regarding how best to cover the big game in print, we thought it fitting to quote directly from one of our Fiesty Correspondents on the day… one Barnesworth Mulcare Esq:

“…just wanted to congratulate you and the boys firstly for a great win… though would have settled for a more boring 30 point smashing rather than the heart-attack-inducing ‘let’s do it with 12 men, hanging on with our fingernails’ stroke-maker you dished up… I trust you are still enjoying the win and feel free to bore me stupid with recounting the whole story anytime I make the mistake of bumping into you with beers-in-hand and too much spare time.” Cheers Barney!

So, without further ado…thanks to, from the back: Tommy B, Sean B, Matty Mac, Mick, Patty North, Dame Enda, Dave W, The Riddler, Slutty, Little Sull, Gav, Hans from Krenmayr Bierhaus International, Kieren ‘orite’yafooker’oim in’ O’Hegarty (aka Dr Fokker), Buzz, Big Andy, Coops, Iain Tuipupu Davison, Ady, Jaquesy, Pickle, Welshy & the managerial-might of Captain Mannering-Smith and his very own water-boy Brute ‘Gunga Din’ Williams.

Thank you to everybody who pulled on the Blue & Gold in 2010 (especially those who answered the call early in the year) …anyone who’s cheered from the sideline (or over the inter-web)… and for all of the ongoing support received from Brothers Rugby in letting a pack of old farts have their moment in the sun.

The oldest (average age 41.3 years) and most capped team ever to play in, or win, a Suburban Rugby Grand Final!

Also special mention must go to those spirited benefactors who put money on the bar the night of our Grand Final win. Hugely appreciated, thoroughly utilised and totally unexpected… cheers!

Enough teary-eyed outpourings…time to don the frilly…

Ball Report

Your Feisty Friends figured heavily in the trinket-stakes at this years Blue & Gold Ball… which really was a fantastic night for all of those who tipped up. Huge congratulations to the organisers.

Here we go…

Spirit of Rugby Award (Club Award): Hans Krenmayr (Transcripts of Brucey’s speech will be made available at a later date… we’re still searching for a translator).
4th Grade Best & Fairest: Iain Tuipupu Davison (a winger’s winger)
4th Grade Runner-Up Best & Fairest: Andy Cansdell & Hans Krenmayr
Highest Points Scorer (Club Award): Tommy B
200 Games: Dan Ridley, Tommy B & Buzz (only 100 to go!)
100 Games: High-Ball Bullard & Andy Cansdell (only 200 to go!)

Well done to all!

And a big thanks to Kylie for her unwavering & unbiased commitment to talent-spotting throughout the year.

And a few unofficial awards…

The Top-of-The-Pops Grand Final Big Hit Award

A three-way tie:

Andy’s traffic-stoppin’ hit on The Riddler in the Final… widely considered a definitive try-saver.
Slutty’s ‘Rowdy Roddy Piper’ inspired…red-card-earning…back-slam with a half pike during the final’s final minutes.
Jaquesy’s blind-side mauling of an Orchard Tavern planter-box just before he agreed with security staff that it probably was time for a good lie down… at home….now please sir, the police have just arrived..
The Gow Plumbing Certificate of Commitment for Excellence In Pipes & Drainage

Iain Tuipupu Davison for his post-trophy-sipping efforts in urinal #1 at The Orchard Tavern.
The cement-like consistency he managed from a schnitzel and multiple liters of amber gold is still high on the program at plumbing conventions worldwide. See reference materials further below.

The Oh-So-Close Bee’s-Dick Award

To our very own Pickle who made it to 399 games in 2010.
Everyone’s required to attend his 400th…no excuses…
I have a feeling a celebratory night-out may be in order!

The Shawshank Award

With crack Feisty Legal team in attendance we’re pleased to report that Slutty’s managed to avoid doing hard-time for his WWF inspired Grand Final back-slam at a recent high-level Judicial Meeting.
A media scrum confronted young Slutty on the steps of the courthouse after this historic verdict.
‘Will we see you for Game #1 2011 Mr Bird?’ shouted young Ken from The Kensington Chronicle.
Slutty retorted with: ‘Game #1…nah…see you at pre-season training!’

All For A Good Cause

Ball attendees were privy to some fairly spirited bidding in the charity-auction-stakes at the Ball this year….and all for a good cause…
The club’s thrown its support behind George Teleahiva… 1st Grade players’ player for countless years and all-round top fella.
George and his family are facing some of life’s hurdles at the moment and it’s hoped that the proceeds of the auction will go some way to making things a tad easier for them.
Jaquesy secured the Grand Final Match Ball which will no-doubt take pride-of-place at Jaquesy’s Bar & Grill. High Ball Bullard is excitedly pursuing his modeling ambitions with a photo session… and the boys from Faraday & Kent Home Improvements (Andy & Hans) took great delight in buying Iain Tuipupu Davison’s professional services for a day…. they were overheard later muttering something about ‘work him so hard he’ll never know what’s hit him’.
Any-hoo… when it came time to bidding on our Feisty 4th’s Signed Grand Final Jersey, it was decided that we’d all throw some dollars in and keep the jersey on display at the clubhouse for time immortal.
So… we won the bidding at around $2,000 and are looking for everyone to throw a few dollars in to get us there. Dr Fokker’s already put $100 in, so let’s take his ‘fookin’ lead’.
Use the direct deposit on the website fellas. All for a good cause and what the club’s all about!

News From The Frontline

Details are sketchy, as they should be, but it seems that a contingent of Feisties have returned from their end-of-season Tour of Duty intact.
We do know that Dame Enda, Slutty, Captain Mannering-Smith, Dr Fokker and Jaquesy gave the young fellas a run for their money and kept up the pace right till the end.
The only detail we can confirm is that one Feisty has been able to incorporate the nanna-nap into tour festivities.
It’s been reported that when said individual rouses after a few minutes shut-eye he’s re-charged with a vengeance reminiscent of legendary old performances!
Who knows whether said Feisty has returned with pubic hair intact… maybe best we never know.

Upcoming Feisty Festivities

Stay tuned for a Feisty family get-together closer to Christmas.
Lord knows we are blessed with an embarrassment-of-riches when it comes to padding-less Santa-suit contenders!
Organising committee is being formed as we speak! Slutty… you’re in charge of seafood.

Stop Press: One Last Thing

It’s been drawn to our attention that on page 241 of our playing contracts that Clause 34DD clearly states : “If in the event said Feisties win said Grand Final, only to be confronted with defending their title against a similar mob of geriatrics, they must back-up as a team for one last trot’. And so The Waverly Clause was born.

See you all for Season 2011!

Lots of love,

Roy, David and David

P.S. Dr Fokker ‘orrightyafokker oim’in…jus’fa’foksakedontel dawife’ is back! Appointments unnecessary.


Pre-Grand Final Feisty Focus.

Gav doin’ his thing.

Flip ’em, flop ’em, pop ’em & f#*k ’em… woo hoo!

Captain Mannering-Smith reveling in his official-dom.

Best & Fairest 2010… before…

Best & Fairest 2010… after.

Best & Fairest Runners-Up… the Faraday & Kent Boys

A few C.B.O.B’s F.R.U representatives for 2010

How good is that cup!

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