Important Reminders

Lindfield Away
July 23, 2013
Oatley Tonight
July 31, 2013

Important Reminders

Raffle Tickets: As we wind up our regular season, our regular fundraisers also take precedence. The Brothers In The City raffle is a HUGE fundraiser and is vital to the incredible success we’ve had on and off the pitch this year. In order to build a solid foundation for next season, we need those tickets sold in the next two weeks. Bring empty books and tickets to training. It’s vital we get these sold. And let’s be honest they sell themselves, prizes listed in the link below.

Brothers In The City: Tickets are selling really well. In fact, we’ve had to expand the original booking with the venue. So we now have around sixty more tickets available. That’s just six tables. Remember, it’s John Eales people!

Saturday Night: Beer, wine, finger food. You know where to go. The Willoughby Hotel..This weekend should be a good big one.

And on the pitch...this Weekend: Lindfield Away. Let’s go lads!

Finally: Thanks on behalf of Club President, Ian Gibson and the rest of the Brothers Rugby Club Commitee for all the efforts so far in selling tickets and getting bums on seats for the Brothers In The City event.

Further details are here.

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