Match Report – 4th Grade V Petersham

Brothers Blue And Gold Ball
August 10, 2010
Training tonight
August 12, 2010

Match Report – 4th Grade V Petersham

Welcome to another Feisty 4th’s Match Report.

Your devoted correspondents are delighted to report that a top-of-the-table clash last Saturday saw the Voltaren Kids come up with a 22 – 0 win against Petersham. Woo Hoo!

The largest margin they’d been beaten by to this point was 5!

From the news-desk… latest results just to hand. All wet-weather catch-up games are now complete across the competition, and The Feisties are holding onto the #1 spot with only two games to go in 2010.

It was a real team effort on Saturday. We had a game-plan, kept the ball in hand (no more kicking to fast young blokes), communicated, dominated and had a ball!

Thanks to, from the front this week: Welshy, Pickle, Ady, Coops, Iain Tuipupu Davison, Kieren ‘…orightyafokkor…oim in’ O’Hegarty, Buzz, Hansy Boy (still at 3.96 children), Gav, Slutty (c), Gerry, Dave, Pat, Mick, Matty Mac and Tommy B.

Enough pontificating. Time to don the frilly….

The Dirty T-Word

Out of the goodness of his heart, lashings of team spirit, and a desire to overcome his acute agoraphobia, young Jaquesy has selflessly taken a few weeks off from his interpretive dance classes to train YOU!

As said before, it’s not about fitness. It’s about finalising our set-plays, signature-moves and game-plan for the encounters ahead.

Please make the effort…. and Kylie, Amy, Sue, Wendy, Mel, Jane, Heather, Marion, Emily, Claire, Darlene, Liz, Good Bernie, etc…. please push ’em out the door as previously discussed…. it’s not like they don’t need the exercise.

7pm sharp at the grounds just up from the Bobdome on Koola Avenue.

See you there… unless it’s raining of course…. then we’ll be in touch.

Don’s Party

More information is trickling in for the 21st August VIP Opening of Jaquesy’s Bar & Grill.

We can confirm it’ll be an early evening start, and child-free… so book the babysitters gentlemen!

Cindy, Good Bernie and Mrs Dangerfield were overheard concocting plans on Saturday, but it must be said that they were clearly well-on-the-way to complete inebriation so it’d be irresponsible to pass on details at this stage.

Stay tuned.

Kylie’s Player-Of-The-Round

Pleased to report that Brother’s own Dr Harry… the veteran vet… Mr Michael Bird… got the nod this week.

I must admit that there were others who received two and one points, but after a few Krenmayr International Bierhaus’ Ginger Zingers, a tasty European Lager, followed by a few bevies from the canteen, memory seems to have evaded me… sorry about that.

All I do know is that there was a smattering of old blokes with smiles-on-their-dials all afternoon… and all inexplicably wearing XXXX Gold outfits as supplied by the Master Brewer himself (no doubt the remnants of a hostile take-over bid)

Wrap Up

Home again this week gentlemen against Hawkesbury.

As always, dressed and poo-patrol by 11.30 please.

See you there.

Lots of love,

Roy, David and David

A heart-stopping ear-lobe injury causes a welcome break in play.

A heart-stopping ear-lobe injury causes a welcome break in play.


The Magnificent Eight

How sad it is outside 'The Circle-of-Trust'.

How sad it is outside ‘The Circle-of-Trust’.

Time to buy some blue shorts Mr Wightly...

Time to buy some blue shorts Mr Wightly…

And Gav modeling his famous 1983 tie-die poo-catchers.

And Gav modeling his famous 1983 tie-die poo-catchers.

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