Matchday 14 – Match Reports

Matchday 14 – Preview
July 20, 2012
Matchday 14 – Review
July 27, 2012

Matchday 14 – Match Reports

4th Grade
Brothers 50 – 7 Hornsby

Well, this was the performance we threatenend to deliver all season, and finally did.
A very strong, but horribly disorganised fourth grade side hit the pitch after everyone getting caught on the pacific highway with it’s usual shenanigans.
We started well by scoring 4 unanswered tries, until we let them back in it a little when their half back defied logic and reason and possibly the laws of physics to hold off most of our front row and score a try while actually being held three feet in the air by Karl.
That was probably the most impressive thing seen on a Subbies pitch this season.
We pulled away in the second half with four more tries in what was a bit of a mauling and an awesome team effort.
That team effort shows in that six players were awarded one point by coach Andy.
Hard to argue with that considering the excellent level of structure and organisation shown once we were on the paddock.
This was one of those games where no one individual stood out, but everyone had an excellent game.

Killer scored a brace of tries and picked off a sweet dropped conversion from pretty much on the touch line.
Karl, Martin (or “Tim’s Bro”), Mick, Scott, Tim and Liam bagged one apiece which shows the excellent all round team effort.

Player points:
1: Karl – Strong as an ox, bagged the first try and great all round leadership.
1: Martin – Nice ring in to have! Looked comfortable in forwards and backs.
1: BOKO – Marshalled the fat lazy pigs, and solid in defence.
1: Mick – Good hands in the backs, and read the play well to make a bunch of tries.
1: Tim – Another good game, ran some sweet lines.
1: Leon – Good running lines, good aggression in defence. Good to have him back after a couple of years down in Adelaide and Melbourne.
1: Niall – Decent defence, couple of tries, and a sweet conversion, that was sweet.

3rd Grade
Brothers 22 – 17 Hornsby (Game abandoned 2 minutes early.)

A game of two halves. A Jekyll and Hyde kind of game. etc etc.
Blown away in the first half, and looking a bit like rabbits in the headlights, we gifted them a 20 point lead through falling off tackles and not getitng our posts right.
Once we had given them their 4 tries we decided we were going to start playing and then we started to put some serious phase play togther.
Once we started dominating at the fringes like we usually do in this grade, then we started to get go forward ball, and were able to look more menacing.
We bagged two tries, forced them into giving away another penalty try and were on their five metre line with two minutes to go when the referee blew the game up.
seems a Hornsby player was refusing to leave the field of play after being yellow carded.
Therefore, at five points down and with Hornsby down to 14 men, and a penalty try already given in much the same scenario, it has to be said that a game winning opportunity was taken away from the Brothers side.
Also, it has to be said that both teams afterwards agreed that considering the excellent spirit the game was played in and the frustration in not finishing the game out, that maybe the referee may have been a little rash..

Tries came from Mick Onslow and Mick Nicol…

Player points:
3: BOKO – Picked up from where he left off in fourth grade by bossing around the forwards and doing the little tackles in the fringes that he loves.
2: Leon – Good game from the prodigal son returned. Good running lines.
1: Pickle – Led from the front as usual, became more prominent as the game wore on and his experience came to the fore.

2nd Grade
Brothers 21 – 12 Hornsby

As with a couple of weeks previously, Hornsby are not just in the second grade comp to make up the numbers.
Their results are getting better and better, and their phsysical attritional style of play is designed to make the opposing team work hard for any little thing they get.
It was a pretty closely fought contest, and to be honest it wasn’t a champagne performance from the Brothers boys.
What made up for it was the excellent attitude and the willingness to roll up the sleeves and grind out a performance that won us the game in the end.
We have a weekend off this week, and with that a chance to regroup, take stock and hopefully get a few more boys back from various sicknesses and injuries.
Hopefully, that will give us renewed momentum as we push for that minor premiership we’ve worked so hard for this season.

Tries came from Tuxie and Si and yet another penalty try.

Player points:
3: Tuxie – Not sure much can be said about this fella this week. Suffice to say he played well. Hope his preparation in two weeks times is a bit more…… know.
2: Davo – Solid, strong defensive work. Took some hard yards and rose above the messing.
1: Si – Another solid performance in defence and some really hard running. Always a threat.

1st Grade
Brothers 13 – 11 Hornsby

Again, like second grade and like two weeks ago this was a very close and extremely physical encounter.
Some of the hits were very hard and some a wee bit late and high.
Moisey got the biggest hit of the day, and was carted off in an ambo.
He’s made a speedy recovery and should be right fairly soon.
Apart from that there isn’t much to say except we got the win.
We missed out on the bonus point for the first time this season.
However, with that, a win in two weeks against Waverly will give us the minor premiership.
There does seem like a lot of work to do this week and next to get back to early season form.
Tom Burns wasn’t approached after the game for an interview, as the roving reporter values his own life.

Macca and Jack got a single each and Ratu slotted a fantastic penalty at the death to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Player points:
3: Johnny Nichols – Steady strong influence, leading from the front.
2: Buckets – More unseen work in the fringes, tackles and turnovers aplenty.
1: Shaka – Excellent game for Boom-Shaka-Lak back at number ten for the first time this season.

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