Matchday 18 – Review

Matchday 18 – Match Report
August 19, 2012
Finals Week 1 – Preview
August 22, 2012

Matchday 18 – Review

Well, that’s it then. The end of the regular season.

It looked at one point as if we might get four teams in the finals, but we’ve actually won two minor premierships in first and second grade and fourth grade grabbed a finals spot. We’re also taking home the 3rd Division Club Championship. I think you can call that a massive success.

Not a bad few weeks work.

Fourth grade play Hills in the Minor Semi Saturday at Deerubbun Park #2 at 11:20am. This is a MASSIVE game for fourth grade and for the club as a whole. Training on Thursday is vital, as we need extra players to cover injuries and a couple of guys who don’t qualify for finals.

See match reports for a review of last weekend’s games against Uni.

Also, get your ball tickets here.

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