Training This Week
April 21, 2013
Matchday 4 – Match Reports
May 7, 2013

Matchday 3 – Match Reports

First Grade

Brothers 39 – St Ives 0

Another strong hit out by Brothers on the weekend keeping St Ives scoreless and showing continued improvement on the back of an impressive second half performance.
It took Brothers most of the first half to settle into their game.
Conceding a wave of penalties, unforced errors and a sin bin gave St Ives the lion share of possession.
Despite this Brothers defence held strong and soon the ascendancy came their way.
Tries to Chirish ( John Gavin) ,Vinnie and Joel took Brothers to the break 17-Nil.
Brothers dominated the second stanza in all areas and soon the points continued with tries to Vinnie, Wadie, Buckets and Joel.
There were strong performances right across the field with Blackie, Joey, Buckets and Vinnie leading the way.

Best & Fairest
3: Buckets
2: Vinny
1: Blacky

Second Grade
Brothers 15 – St Ives 22

Not much to report about this performance not our best!
Lacked any penetration in attack and fell of far to many tackles.
St Ives wanted the win more than Brothers !
Looking forward to a massive improvement next Saturday.

Best & Fairest
3: Will Hannam
2: Tux
1: Gibbo

Brothers 35 – St Ives 19

With 6 debutants joining the squad; welcome to; Jimmy, David, Sepher, Chris, James and Luke, we were up at Hassell Park nice and early, our preparation was considerably better than the previous game and the attitude when we took the field showed it.
We applied domination early and camped down on their line patiently waiting for the points to come and after constant harassment we did manage to keep our cool and cross the line.
A foray back into their 22 straight away yielded another try and the scoreboard attended was racking them up for us.
Although we managed to keep this try buffer St Ives never relented and continued to come back at us after each try scoring three of their own in easy situations.
It was a warm day for rugby and our fitness did allow them back into the match on occasions but it’s hard not to be happy with a five try bonus point win.
Congratulations guys thanks for the birthday present.
Next up UNSW at Daceyville this weekend, followed by Lindfield back at home the week after.
Neither will be a push over opposition, we will have to remain in form to be competitive.
Training is the key, let’s keep the victories coming and cement our place in the 4!

Best & Fairest
3: Arthur Maikin (also Referees 3 points)
2: Nathan Timbrell (also Referees 2 points)
1: Richard Jenkins (Referee’s 1 point James Paton)

Tryscorers; Justin Gates, Charles Kilby, Arthur Maikin, Wilson Smith & James Paton
Conversions; 5 Arthur Maikin

Zumba Zumba Zey

Ado Brannan
Colts Manager

Third Grade

This was an evenly matched contest but what it came down to in the end was a lack of discipline and a lack of coherence.
When we kept the ball we looked dangerous and our forwards were dominating the lineout and the scrum in the first half.
A keenly contested decision to award St Ives a try was the score that divided the two teams in the end, and it really has to be said that we could have won this game.
We need to give up talking to the Ref as it ALWAYS goes against us.
We need to give up giving away stupid penalties.
We need to be more structured and stop getting isolated in attack.
It sounds simple, and it is. So let’s ge to training and let’s get our sh1t together.

Best & Fairest
3: Brownie, excellent lineout work in the first half. Good orgnisational skills and excellent scrummaging.
2: Whitey, some great lien breaks, and monster defending. Didn’t get enough ball.
1: Cannot remember!

Fourth Grade
This was another evenly matched contest but what this one came down to in the end was two stupid tries we conceded when we switched off.
Quick lineouts are bread and butter for teams that execute them well in this grade. We need to sharpen up and be on the ball.
We also gave away far too many penalties and kept giving them back momentum.
The refereeing was pretty average but with a dodgy ref it goes both ways and they were frustrated with poor refereeing too.
They handled it much better and their better attitude swung the ref their way.
Nick scored an excellent try after a great scrum from the piggies.
If we continue to dominate the scrums and if we can get our line out going, then we can match any team in this Division.
But we need to be much better at game management.

Best & Fairest
3: Niall, good defense, excellent work rate.
2: Nick, got a good try, kept going all day, excellent addition to the squad.
1: Tommy C, got the backs moving and excellent defensive work. Also got an excellent try.

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