Round 2 – 4th Grade

Brothers 4th Grade Semi Final Vs Petersham
April 15, 2010
Round 2 – 3rd Grade
April 22, 2010

Round 2 – 4th Grade

4th Grade by Dave Taylor

Brothers: 13
Blue Mountains: 0

We’re pleased to announce that the Feisty road-train has wheezed into town with another win…13-0 vs Blue Mountains (who’ve come back down to our division this year)…. woo hoo!

Thanks to, from the back: Pat North, Sean B, Dec, Enda, The Riddler, Greg K, Josh, Buzz, Hans, Coops, Kokoda, Kieren ‘…orightyafokkor…oim in’ O’Hegarty, Welshy and Jaquesy…. with half-time inspiration from none-other-than Field Marshall Clark Griswold Smith (un-classified).

It was the club’s first home game at our new digs… Killara Park… which we’re pleased to report is a great place to play footy… thanks to the Brothers committee for organising such a fine environment for us older and more dignified gentlemen to slowly run into each other.

O’Hegarty’s Word Of The Week

Shamakin (sha-mak-in) n: When a rugby team plays in a shambolic manner whilst being squarely clobbered in an often overtly physical fashion. As in “Dees boys are copin’ a fokin’ shamakin”.

Wrap Up

Another huge thanks to Hans from Krenmayr Bierhaus International for bringing down an esky-load of magic tonic…. it simply can’t be beaten as a warm-down lubricant!

Don’t forget, shorts are on sale for only $225 this year… first-in-best-dressed when it comes to selection.

And a few Feisty’s are committed to training this year if we can get the numbers. So if you’re keen to get at least a bit fit, and maybe help out a few of the younger guys along the way, please come on down… you won’t regret it later in the season.

Next week is against Balmain at their home ground… bring it on!

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