Round 3 – Fourth Grade

Round 3 – Second Grade
April 28, 2010
Training Update
April 30, 2010

Round 3 – Fourth Grade

Greetings Gentlemen,

And welcome to another Feisty 4ths Match Report.

Although coming perilously close to copin’ a shamakin’ last Saturday, the old fellas in blue-and-gold scraped home to win 14 – 10 against Balmain… woo hoo!

And that, Feisty Fans, puts us Numero Uno on the ladder! Way too early to be counting poultry, but a “fokin’ smashin” start to the second-half of our two-year contract.

Thanks to, from the front: Welshy, Jaquesy, Coops, Andy C, Kieren ‘…orightyafokkor…oim in’ O’Hegarty, Hans, Buzz, Iain Tuipupu Davison, Field Marshall Clark Griswold Smith, Josh, Dec, The Riddler, Gav, Pat North and a couple of young fellas who helped us out…Tristan and Liam… thanks boys.

From a forwards point-of-view, we went into Saturday quietly confident that having a few holes in the back-line would be fine.. I mean how hard can it be… we’ll throw a few loosies back there and show ’em how to do it…

Alas we were wrong… very wrong… we had forwards kicking (no prizes for guessing which Feisty 4th thought it’d be appropriate to channel his Pacific Islander heritage), panickin and hollerin’….all before the subs system melted down into chaos… all valuable lessons learned.

We even forgot our first commandment: “Thou shalt never kick to a younger, faster or fitter opposition… it only ever ends in tears”.

The Big A’s Back

A big welcome back to Andy Cansdell who rejoined us after many years lost in the dense wilderness near Boronia Park.

After his smashing return, a Feisty Correspondent got in contact to see how he pulled up. We’re please to report that “I’m all good … apart from sore head, neck, shoulders, left arm, testicle, buttocks, calf and ankles”… great stuff.

Sale Now On… It’s All Gotta Go!

We’re pleased to report that the shorts mentioned last week at only $225 a pair are still only $225 a pair! Amazing!

A few more Feisty’s grabbed a bargain during the week, but there are a many more who need to make this once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

Wrap Up

About half of the Feisties had good training sessions last Thursday…. so if you’re in the mood please come on down…

Next game’s at home against Blacktown (don’t forget that we’re at Killara for all home games this year).

Hope to see you all there.

Lots of love,

Roy, David and David

P.S. Enda… you’re nowhere-near off the hook.

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