Round 3 – Third Grade
April 28, 2010
Round 3 – Fourth Grade
April 28, 2010

Round 3 – Second Grade

Balmain 34
Brothers 7

With a strong showing from 4th and 3rd grade, we were full of confidence going into the clash with Balmain. We had good numbers at training on Thursday and even had a few fresh reserves, which does not happen very often at all.

Brothers played well in the opening half. The defense was good but a few minor defensive problems. The game was there for the taking at half time and we moved the players around in the back line and it worked wonders. We started to go up in defense to meet them instead of letting them come to us. This was what was putting us on the backfoot in the first half. The backs attacked the ball and we started to play some good footy.

We went down 34-7 however the 2nd half was encouraging. I had players on the side line itching to get on and unfortunately I could not get every one on.

The players that stood out was Rhett McGillicuddy. He was strong in defense as well as carting the ball up, Paul Gibbs, line out throwing was exceptional and Sam Clarkson was all over the paddock.

Overall a very encouraging day. With everyone down at training we will be able to work on this and beat Blacktown in the 4th round.

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