Round 4 – 4th Grade

Training Update
April 30, 2010
Round 4 – 3rd Grade
May 5, 2010

Round 4 – 4th Grade

Brothers 5
Blacktown 7

Welcome to another Feisty 4ths match report.

No doubt you’ve seen the news… received the twitter… heard the whispers… read the gossip column… and sadly it’s all true…

Your geriatric weekend warriors went down in the dying minutes to Blacktown 7 – 5 on the weekend and have slipped to #2 on the ladder. Not quite a ‘shamakin’, but definitely a wake-up call.

To be fair, from the sidelines it seemed clear that the visitors had a tad more determination to succeed than your Feisty Friends… so hats-off to them…

Thanks to… from the front… Jaquesy, Pickle, Coops, Big A, Kieren ‘… orightyafokkor… oim in’ O’Hegarty, Hans, Clarkie, Iain Tuipupu Davison, Josh, Slutty, The Riddler, Buzz, Dec, Pat and Dom.

As said, they came out with fire in their bellies… whilst we came out with just the bellies.

It’s eminently reversible Feisty Fans… and we plan to make it so…

Without pointing any fingers, a certain ‘Dumbledore-esque’ gentleman on the sidelines was asked who should receive player-points after the game.

He replied “Clearly none of the #$@^& forwards”… and then wandered off.

I said “Thank you your honour” and moved on.

As you’re all no-doubt aware Fashion Week is upon us again, so many Feisties are heavily committed to catwalk-work all across town.

We’re pleased to report that some of Australia’s top designers have managed to keep Saturday free however so that as many as possible of us can take on the evil Epping at their home ground.

Need you all, so please make the effort to get back to Roy asap… as an extra incentive he’ll be modeling his Fashion Week Spectacular… a mohair cape which blends seamlessly into his god-like physique… all for the enjoyment of other players in the change-room before the game. So don’t be late!

On the subject of fashion, we’re pleased to report that only this very afternoon Dec has been given back his shoe-laces and belt after a few touch-and-go days following Saturday’s game. Great to have him back in the land of the living!

Pay your subs… we’re naming names soon… promise.

Lots of love,

Roy, David and David

P.S. Enda… hope retirement is treating you terribly… see you soon!

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