Season 2016 – Important Update

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December 26, 2015
Season 2016
January 15, 2016

Season 2016 – Important Update

At a recent Subbies board meeting decisions were made as to the makeup of 1st 2nd and 3rd division competitions for 2016 and the Club has now been advised that we have been graded in division 3.
Just by way of background to the above the club was asked to attend a Subbies review committee meeting to discuss performance in 2015 and prospects for 2016.
As a result of that meeting committee advised they would recommend demotion to 3rd division. This decision was primarily based on the number of games forfeited by the club in 2015 and concerns over playing numbers for 2016.
Division 2 was not an option for them as they were concerned we may not have sufficient playing strength to support five teams.
The Club decided to lodge an appeal to the above recommendation and forwarded a submission for retention in Div.1
A copy of Clubs submission can be found on Clubs HERE for the information of players and supporters
Submission was primarily based on the steps Club was taking to address numbers issue.
As advised to Subbies we are more that confident that we will not have a problem with numbers in 2016.
This optimism is based on the following.
  1. Thanks to some fantastic work behind the scenes by Tom Burns and Paul Gibbs we are advised that a number of former players(17 so far) have indicated their intentions to return to play in 2016
  2. We have had 12 from this years leaving class at Pius who have already played at least one game with us with a number of others indicating intentions to play.In addition most of this years colts team will be returning.Accordingly colts numbers are looking very healthy.
  3. Touch footy that has been organized by Club Captain Charles Kilby and his players group on Thursday evenings has been well attended averaging over 30 per night with a good number of prospective new players in attendance.


Not withstanding the above our submission was unsuccessful.

So the decision has been made and we now need to move on. The positive we can take out of this is it will give the club a chance to regroup. We have a goal of returning to Div,1 and this will commence with a successful season on and off the field in 2016.

The club intents fielding 4 senior grades and a colts team in the  Div.3 competition which will comprise 10 clubs. It is also noted that Old Iggies have also been demote from Div1 and will play in this division.

We will shortly be advising pre season training arrangements for January and February 2016 – first official training Thursday 4th Feb.

Also the festive season is a great time to be on the look out for new recruits so could you kindly keep Club in mind when you are out and about.

I would also like to take this opportunity on behalf of myself and committee to wish you and you families a very happy Xmas and a great new year.

Ian Moose Meers


Brothers RC.

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