Vets Day 2016

The Brothers Gibb
May 2, 2016
Vets Day this Saturday
May 9, 2016

Vets Day 2016


If you can remember a time when beards weren’t a hipster fashion statement, porn star moustaches were the order of the day and everyone faced forward in the line-out then Vets Day is for you.

Come along and reminisce with all the other old blokes about the good old days of rugby, when there was no lifting in line-outs, we played with leather balls that weighed a ton when wet and giving someone at the bottom of a ruck a raking was seen as good form.

When: Saturday 14th May v Hawkesbury Valley at Roseville Chase Oval

After formalities have been concluded at ground all Vets/players and supporters are invited to the Willoughby Hotel to watch the Waratahs v Bulls game.

This fellow at the front looks familiar.

Anyone know him?


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